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My goal is to create a plan that gives you confidence and works within your budget. Every artist will start with an initial consultation where we will define your business goals together. Then I will provide a variety of options and pricing that will serve as a road map for expanding your art business.

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Initial Consultation

Give me a chance to study your business, and art.  Let me work with you to develop a plan that works for you.  I can help develop, manage, and complete goals within your art business.  

Continuing Consultation

Once you have had your initial consultation we can implement the strategies that we think best fit your art business.  Together, we can make your art business easier to manage and accomplish your goals faster! 

Artist Copy

Do you need help creating an artist statement, bio, website information, or more?  I have read and written plenty of statements, bios and websites and can help you develop a written message that works for you.

Festival and Gallery Search

Do you want to get into a festival or a gallery, but you don't have the time to research the right fit?  I can help give you a solid list of festivals and galleries that work well for your art.  Finding the right fit is half the battle.

Social Media Planning

Let me develop your social media marketing strategy.  I can work with you to plan out a social media marketing campaign that works for you and your studio practice.  Everything from daily posts, to monthly newsletters. 

Gallery Installation

Do you need help installing a show?  Do you want recommendations on layout or planning for an installation?   Do you want to write out clear instructions for a gallery that you can't make it to in order to make sure your artwork is properly represented within their gallery space?  Let me help.  I can look at your work, recommend a strategy for hanging, layout and more.  I can also install shows.  I have worked with and managed a number of galleries, so let me handle this for you!